What is My Future Coach Really Like?

Meet Your Coach...


Hi, My name is Kelly Vaillancourt.  20 years ago I started my leadership journey in healthcare, specifically pediatric healthcare.  For almost a year, I sat in my office worried every day someone would realize I did not know what I was doing.  I had a moment in my office alone,  where I had to make a decision, go back to the bedside, after all I was a good clinician, or become a leader worth following.  I went out and bought my first of hundreds of leadership books and my journey began.  It was never straight or smooth, there were some pit stops along they way in private industry and in social services and ultimately returning to healthcare leadership.  The wins I am most proud of are people who ended up in leadership due to my coaching and mentoring and the ones that improved patient safety or experiences.  Twice I have been recognized by the province of Ontario for improving emergency room wait times.  If you have been to an Emergency Department lately you can appreciate this is not an easy thing to do.  

After spending 15 years in healthcare I was at a crossroads.  I was being encouraged to go up a level in leadership but not feeling called to longer days, more frustrating meetings and less time with my family which would lead to more weight gain, more numbing on social media and generally feeling nothing.  I started working with a leadership coach to figure out my next steps.  In one of the sessions she said to me I feel like you want my job.  I shouted a little too enthusiastically "Yes I do, I really really do!".  Two weeks later I was enrolled in Martha Beck's WayFinder Coaching program with my eyes set on ICF certification. 

Fast forward 2 years, a pandemic as a health care leader, a mother and a wife I took another leap, I quit my full time job and work part time while running my coaching business.  I have way more days that look closer to my ideal day than ever before.  I have lost weight, learn something new every day and no longer wish for my whole family to just check out on their social media so I can numb on mine.  I roller skate (quad skates, yes it is true), learn every day, sweat and actually like it (most times) and spend time where I genuinely laugh with my family.  

I have met some amazing people on my journey.  If you want to know what others  say when it comes to working with me here are some of them.  

Sarah has said "Kelly makes my brain hurt but in a good way.   With kindness and compassion she has helped me see how I have gotten in my own way sometimes." 

Jenn describes herself as not an easy client but working with me got her the results she wanted and every time we worked together brought a sense of relief and inspiration with measurable goals and small actions.  She says if you are serious about change I am the coach to work with.  

Tiffany says working with me was instrumental in getting new opportunities in her career and her growth.  


  What makes me qualified to do this work?  

Honestly a desire to serve, a passion for all things leadership and because I have been the leader who was feeling like a fraud waiting to be found out.  After years of learning what it means to be a leader, applying what I have learned, I am in place to pay it forward.  I have had successes that made it better for the patients I served, the people on my team and making money or saving money for the organization I worked for.  I have failed, learned from the failure and tried again.   I am now closer to my ideal life than ever before.  Your ideal life will look different than mine but the system to get you there is the key to success. 

The schooling I have done includes a degree in adult education from Brock University, a Healthcare Leadership certificate from McMaster University, a diploma in Respiratory Therapy from the Michener Institute.  Many workshops including Lego Strategic play to facilitate her work using Lego, Crucial Conversations, They Tyranny of business, .  I am  a certified Wayfinder Coach with Martha Beck Inc. I am member in good standing of the International Coaches Federation and the College of Respiratory Therapists of Ontario. 


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