Are you Ready To Be a Leader People Want to Follow?

Does this Sound Familiar? 

You were good at your role, so someone suggested you go into leadership.  You get the job and are handed an office or cubicle and told "I am here if you need anything."

 Problem is as a new leader you

  • don't know what to do,
  • your inbox starts to implode and 
  • you are worrying  people will figure out you don't know what you are doing. 

I call this leader by chance.  You have a desire to do a good job, but you are not sure what doing a good job means or where to start.  

Good News it is possible to go from feeling completely overwhelmed to a competent and confident leader who is in control of your schedule, your work and your inbox.  

 How You Ask? By...

  • Discovering who you are, what is important to you and start living by your definition of success.  
  • Establishing an action plan to add more of what brings joy and subtracting what brings you less.  
  • Accessing your coach to keep you accountable to small steps to create momentum, build to excellence and progress to mastering your life 
  • Learning what you are naturally good at and how it relates to leadership. 


Leadership Journey

Discover Where to Start


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