What People Have Said About Working with Me

Jen says "Kelly has a wonderful balance of analytical clarity and compassion.  She is very organized and remembers specifics of what you have told her.  She is also intuitive and understands what is going on with you immediately is seems.  She does not impose her own ideas but is patient and allows the session to unfold.  She will work with you to discover what gets in your way.  Asks powerful questions and uses a variety of tools in her toolkit.  She is very good at acknowledging your wins and achievements.  I am not an easy client! Every time I ma moved from feeling frustrated or defeated to feeling a sense of relief and inspiration with measurable goals and small steps I can begin immediately.  If you are after results call Kelly.  She tactical! but also loving and compassionate and a pillar of strength.  highly recommend her if you are are serious about moving forward with a goal or life long dream or finding a solution to a problem.  


Tiffany says"Connecting with Kelly has been extremely beneficial to my professional growth. Her extensive knowledge of leadership theory and application has pushed me to seek out new and exciting opportunities. Kelly tailored our sessions to meet my areas of opportunity and continues to share creative approaches to building my leadership skills. She is professional, personable, honest, and authentic. Definitely a key asset in my journey!"

 Tori says  "I had the good fortune of working with Kelly during a time in my life that was extraordinarily trying. With great sensitivity, she held my challenges with care and profound insight, and she sent follow-up emails more than once just to check on my state of being and offer support in between our meetings. When the worst of the crisis had passed, she helped me tap into my own creativity to envision what success in my life and chosen work might look like for me. I still return to my memory of that session for inspiration and a sense of grounding. Kelly believes in you and sees your goodness and possibility so clearly that you can't help but start believing in it yourself."


Sarah says" Working with Kelly is a brain workout.  She challenges my thinking with every conversation and I feel better for it after each encounter.  Kindness and compassion are truly what she is all about and she holds you accountable to show up and be your best self.  She willingly shares her knowledge and experiences if it is going to help me grow.  If you want results she will help you figure out what that looks like for you.  She doesn't just give you the answers, she partners with you to find the answer to suit you"